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Braemar Golf Will Guide You Through The Mine Field of Planning and Development – Problem Solved!

A well thought out plan well executed by an experienced team will save you hundreds of thousands in construction expenditures and get you up and running, making money months even  years faster!

Braemar Golf has gained notice because of its ability to successfully guide developers with the planning and integration of golf and leisure facilities. Today, developing and operating golf courses is often at the center of a much larger vision that includes real estate, hotels, leisure facilities and retail. In emerging markets, developers are working with master plans to create new and contemporary communities and are faced with coordinating multiple sub-projects and many varied components.

From a conceptual stage, the vision and goals for a golf facility must be properly designed for the landscape, the culture and the market. Clubhouses must fit into the style of planned or existing housing, hotels and other physical elements, and importantly, be financially viable and sustainable.

Braemar Golf has contributed to the planning and development of a diverse range of projects – providing its expertise to a very private client building his very own golf course on his private island in the South Pacific to working with the world’s largest enterprises and investors in land development.

Braemar Golf is your objective voice in the planning and construction process. Our voice represents you, and your success is our business.

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