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Braemar Golf Offers Superior Sales & Marketing Programs - That Deliver Results!

Braemar Golf understands that nothing in fact happens until a sale is made! Whether you are developing a stand-alone golfing facility, or a development that forms part of larger project, we create and execute strategies capable of turning your vision into reality, recruiting members and clients, and improving your bottom line.

Pre opening marketing plans are developed to gain widespread visibility of facilities. We develop activities that include, but are not limited to:

Revenue (€000's)

  • Advertising and relationship marketing
  • Development of sales kits, membership packages, brochures and collateral materials
  • Public relations, communications and media
  • Web site development and eMarketing
  • Social media and viral marketing
  • SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Campaign strategy, planning, execution and measurement
  • Event strategy & planning
  • Membership surveys and client report cards
  • Sales systems
  • Sales training


Once a facility is open, Braemar will develop a market-driven strategy which is focused on both sustaining traffic and attracting new clientele.

To find out more please call us at +44 (0)1334 478578 to discuss your specific needs.

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